Truth Bombs No One Likes To Hear



You have negative experiences because you are a negative person. Recently I read in a local publication a story about how the writer had terrible customer service at a store a friend of mine happens to work at. She was upset because she bought the wrong color of lipstick and couldn’t return it without a receipt. To her pearl-clutching horror, the shop girls weren’t falling over themselves to comfort her about the grave injustice of for-profit capitalism. As a frequent customer of the same store, I had to think like, are you on glue lady? Maybe no one there wanted to talk to you because you seem crazy and entitled?

I want to say this to guys who are ‘tired of drama,’ and women who find it hard to be friends with other women. It’s not other people. It’s you. Get an attitude adjustment and try again.

You have to box your own weight. Dating someone you don’t think you deserve will drive you crazy.

Dating drama isn’t random, it’s the consequence of your actions. Do you frequently have stalkers? Are all your exes super clingy and emotional? I don’t hate to tell you this: it’s not the luck of the draw. You are making guys chase you or girls attach to you by the way you act toward them. Then you act like a victim when it turns out you can’t treat people however you want without consequence. Do you know anything about physics? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you flirt with someone you aren’t interested in to stroke your ego, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The person you’re flirting with has feelings and you better make sure you’ve explained (in words, not “signals”) you’ve got no follow through before you complain about them.

Being ballsy for the sake of being ballsy isn’t enviable. The loudmouth acquaintance we all have says people hate him or her because they say things everyone else is thinking. This is because other people have social skills, not because they are wussies.

You are using your baby/wedding/relationship to fill a void, and it’s obvious to everyone else. I don’t get why people are still kidding themselves. If it’s all over Facebook, it’s a show. Your audience is not being fooled.

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