Turns Out, You Were Exactly Who I Thought You Were


The spark was immediate. It was something I hadn’t felt before. Word after word flowed into an effortless conversation. We were in a room filled with hundreds of people, but all I wanted was to be next to you—listening to you, learning about you, and against all odds, falling in love with you.

We quickly learned we were opposites in about every form or fashion. Our lives didn’t seem to align. I knew that meant there was a risk to you, but you said you were ready to change. You were ready to live a quieter lifestyle, like mine.

So I let myself fall for you that night. After all, opposites are meant to attract, right? That’s what you reminded me every time we realized we begged to differ. Opposites attract—that’s what you said.

You said a lot, in fact. A lot to make me fall for you. A lot to make me believe in you. You said all the right things. You acted in all the right ways. I thought, maybe, that I misjudged a book by its cover, a person by his past. Maybe you were ready to change, to settle, to make a commitment to someone—that someone being me.

Boy, you had me fooled. I let my guard down. I let you in, only for you to come in and take a piece of my heart with you when you left. That is, when you left without a sound, without a trace, without a goodbye.

You ran. It became hard and you ran. It wasn’t convenient for you anymore and you ran. More importantly, I was not convenient for you anymore and you ran. You took me for granted. You caused me to question where it went wrong. Why did this happen?

Well, do you want to know why?

Because you were always the person I thought you were.

That’s why.