Twitter Imagines What The White House Would Be Like If Ivanka Married Her College BF And It’s Absolutely Hilarious


We all like to imagine how life would be if the people in the White House were a little different (say, not Donald Trump), but very few have talked about how things would have played out if Ivanka had married someone else.

The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball tweeted to her followers: “Imagine if Ivanka had married her college boyfriend instead of Jared.” And it definitely sparked an entire discussion about Ivanka’s ex Bingo and just how he could’ve changed the whole political climate.

Let’s just say that things would be a little different over in the Middle East…

And he’d probably be more trustworthy, honestly.

And he’d probably be a little more fun than Kushner, to say the least.

According to some Twitter users, Bingo is actually a pretty good guy.


Don’t worry, we’ll wait.