Twitter Users Describe What ‘It’s Creepy Clown Would Have To Say To Get Them Into The Sewer And The Answers Are Hilariously Relatable


The newest adaption of Steven King’s “It” has finally made it into theaters, and it has all of us asking the same question: what would Pennywise have to say to get you into that damn sewer?

Twitter user pennydook shipper decided to ask the Internet for their answers, and people definitely got creative.

I am almost ashamed of how relatable these tweets are.

Does Pennywise have some sort of magical power that can bring One Direction back together? Asking for a friend.

Even Chance the Rapper played along.

But, like, can you blame him???

Okay, honestly, as much as I hate clowns and “It” has me shaking in my boots, there are a few things I’d probably let myself be lured away with…

Yep, we’d all be doomed.