Two Minutes of Silence Song Could Top Charts in UK Next Week



“Two Minutes of Silence,” an idea dreamed up in part by Thom Yorke of Radiohead, was released as a downloadable track on Monday. The video above is, of course, a 10 second preview of the song.

A charity release for the Royal British Legion, the organizers of the song are hoping it’ll top charts in the UK next week to coincide with Remembrance Sunday. It has no sound at all, while the video (which seems to be, functionally, what users are ‘really’ paying for) shows people with various facial expressions set to ‘background noise.’

“Rather than record a song, we felt the UK public would recognize the poignancy of silence and its clear association with remembrance,” said the Royal British Legion’s director general Chris Simpkins.

The track costs £1. It’s already been followed by over 25,000 users on Facebook.

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