UK Politician Accuses JK Rowling Of Supporting ‘Misogynist Trolls’ And Geez, That Was A Mistake!


JK Rowling, the popular author of the acclaimed Harry Potter series was recently accused of being a bully, and supporting misogynist twitter trolls. (?!)

The ill-fated accuser? None other than Scottish Member of Parliament Natalie McGarry — who is incidentally involved in a heated legal dispute involving tens of thousands of missing pounds from an organization she was in charge of.

ANYWAY, here’s how this argument began:

JK Rowling, pretty naturally, asks for some proof of this vitriolic accusation:

McGarry apparently had noticed that JK Rowling, at one time or another, interacted with a twitter account who does spew some rather nasty stuff.

Unfortunately, McGarry seems just as confused about how social media works as she is about keeping track of the finances of her organization. Tweeting @ an account certainly does not imply an endorsement of that account’s views, a fact that she willingly concedes (eventually).

This tweet, where JK Rowling tells Brian Spanner “he is a good man” is in response to a donation he made to her charitable organization, not any referendum on any other rubbish he might be spewing into the void.

With her tail between her legs, McGarry eventually musters out an apology for all this nonsense:

I think someone is just really jealous of being a Muggle…