Unbelievable, Man Who Killed Teenager Wonders Why God Doesn’t Punish Evil


It’s always good when people who were allegedly drunk when they hit a 16-year-old with a car can come to terms with the fact that they’ve just destroyed several lives because of their selfish decisions…

But for Minnesotan Michael J. VanWagner it just doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Here, with some help from the Raw Story, is why not:

According to police, Michael J. VanWagner was involved in two accidents on the afternoon of July 22, 2014. First, VanWagner sideswiped a vehicle, and while leaving that scene, struck the car of 16-year-old Jason F. McCarthy from behind.

Jason McCarthy later died in the hospital because of the injuries he suffered but not before VanWagner made the following Facebook post complaining about what happened to his car when he was allegedly driving drunk.

On the 26th, VanWagner was feeling a little more thoughtful about the whole thing and was finally able to figure out who was responsible for the accidents and death of a 16-year-old boy, God. And yes, it does look like he was allegedly driving drunk with his son in the car with him.

But that didn’t last long. On July 29th, he decided to joke about driving drunk. Y’know, cause that’s a funny joke to make right now.

According to the Star Tribune:

State records show that Vanwagner was driving on a revoked license, according to a Department of Public Safety official. His driving record is littered with violations, including careless driving and twice driving after having his license suspended. Vanwagner said his license was revoked for driving without insurance.

Vanwagner is on probation for a felony conviction in April for terroristic threats. Along with abstaining from alcohol and illicit drugs, the conditions of his sentence include that he remain law-abiding.

Both the results of a blood alcohol test as well as any criminal charges are against VanWagner are currently pending.