Uncertainty Often Leads To Adventure


Have you ever tried looking for something that you know just isn’t there? The idea that something is out there waiting to be found and it is only a matter of time until you find it. The problem is when you try looking, that is where everything fails.

To plan something and to be unsure of the outcome is the first mistake. In the end you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s when you aren’t waiting around for it that all of your dreams come true.

Remember back to a good day. You didn’t have to go anywhere or be with anyone in particular, just remember a day where you were genuinely happy. Did you go out searching for that day or did it just fall into your lap? You didn’t look for a day of happiness you woke up normally, not expecting anything. That is why it was such an incredible day for you.

Expectations lead to devastation. Expectations set the standard generally too high leaving you sicken by the feeling that you could have avoided the failed situation altogether.

This happens all the time in life. The fact that we don’t have the ability to control our fate is something that should be treasured. Anything and everything that happens in life is guided by this small idea of destiny. Not many people decide to follow their destiny, but if one does the satisfaction of living life to the fullest is not only an idea, but also a fulfilled action.

If we could control everything that happened in our life we would be unhappy because perfection makes life boring. The ability to control love, friendships and everything in between would leave each and every person craving more.

Uncertainty drives the individual to experience new things and test limits they may have never knew existed. Being uncertain adds to the thrill of it all, when something goes better than expected it leaves you infatuated realizing you didn’t need to plan anything for your dreams to come true. Having a dream ignites the fire and although many say you should go out and chase your dreams, the real dreams you have inside will come true if it is truly meant to be.

Not knowing how each aspect of your life is going to turn out may leave some anxious, but it should leave you in a state of anticipation. Not the anticipation that leaves you waiting for that something to come around, but the anticipation that when whatever it is does happen to come true it leaves you with an indescribable feeling that leaves you completely satisfied.

I think this is where I have often gone wrong in life. Always having a plan leaves me utterly disappointed rather than letting life fall into place the way it should happen. Although nothing is just a coincidence, knowing what is going to happen next leaves the person reading your story extremely disappointed.

We live an unwritten story and each chapter is being shaped and written by the little things that happen by mere chance. Instead of searching for the ending to this story we call life, let it be pure serendipity.

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