Understanding Donald Trump Through My Abusive Ex


A little after Donald Trump announced his bid for the presidency, I would get an occasional text here and there from friends about how my ex was apparently a big-time Trump supporter on Facebook. I don’t follow my him any social media, but this wasn’t surprising. At the time, I would just roll my eyes. However, the more controversies that came out of Trump’s campaign, the more shocking it was that people were continuing to support such a man.

And so when twelve women came forward just a month before the election about their alleged sexual harassment at the hands of Donald Trump, that’s when my shock and utter horror hit at an all-time high. This man gloated about taking advantage of women and yet was facing no consequences for it. This man is involved in a child rape case and some people aren’t even blinking an eye, including my ex.

And now for some back story: me and my ex had a very abusive, toxic relationship. There were mistakes made on both ends, but his involved multiple accounts of assault. Just like Trump, he believed he had a right to my body without my permission. The shocking similarities between Trump and my ex didn’t hit me till the results of the election. In fact, it was the following quote that I read when it all hit me like a ton of bricks: “Good to know that, to the American public, the most qualified woman is still not as good as the least qualified man.”

In an instant, my heart felt so much for Hillary Clinton. Despite any flaws, she is literally the most hard working and most qualified woman for the job. And I believe she a genuinely good human being who is trying to better not just this country, but the world.

In this moment, I can empathize with Clinton, but of course on a different level. Nevertheless, it hurts to see a man who was so terrible and so nasty to you, win. It hurts to try to be the bigger person, to see past all the pain and abuse, and still come out defeated.

And I’m not saying that it’s about winning, karma, or being able to gloat, it’s about the idea that if you just be a good person and work hard, you will be successful — but that didn’t happen this time. Now I’m not saying Hilary failed, she didn’t. She is a trailblazer, a champion, and a hero for many including myself. Her bravery and strength are encouraging. I still always believe the sun will shine and that good will prevail.

It just hurts that the glass ceiling, has still yet broken and the scars can be re-opened.