Unexpected Love Hits The Hardest


Love is a funny thing. Sometimes it is at first sight. Sometimes it’s when you least expect it. Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks, and sometimes it sneaks up on you out of nowhere.

One day you start off with casual conversation. You exchange texts or snaps or casual DMs. You talk about the weather and the day and other kinds of mindless conversation. You think they are cute and funny and smart. You think they would be fun to hang out with, maybe even sleep with. But not much more has crossed your mind because maybe they aren’t your type or maybe you aren’t ready.

Then slowly, over time, you find yourself thinking about them randomly. You find yourself wondering what they are doing. It becomes more than a schoolyard crush. Before you know it they have invaded not just your thoughts, but also your dreams. They pop in your head with you take those online quizzes about your future. Their face is what you see when listen to those cheesy love songs.

I think unexpected love hits the hardest. One day, they’re just a person who keeps you company. A friend who listens. But then, out of nowhere, they become the person you want to hold. They become the person you wanna talk to about your day, good or bad. The way their lips felt against yours is a feeling you can’t forget.

But what happens when that unexpected love is unrequited? What happens when you realize you have fallen hard and are still firmly in the friend zone? You share your feelings to find that you aren’t the one on their mind. How do you decide what hurts worse: letting go and moving on or standing by as a friend and watching them search for love? Do you give up their presence and the hope that they will catch the same unexpected, passionate feelings? Or do you travel on the path of life alone,  process the hurt, and wait for love to come again?

Unexpected love hits the hardest. Unrequited love cuts the deepest. The hope of what could be keeps us going. The pain of what isn’t can cut deeper than any other. You live it. You live it until you can’t anymore. You live it until the feelings are returned. You live it until you’ve had enough and move on.

Because that’s love. It’s a puzzle. It’s messy. It’s not always convenient. It’s not always returned. It’s not always the way you wanted or dreamed. But it’s needed. It teaches. It molds. It strengthens. And it’s what makes this life worth living. Even the hard, unexpected, unrequited love.