Unless It Makes You Feel Fabulous, Please Don’t Settle


Unless you’re excited about the thought of seeing them and talking to them, don’t hang out with them. Don’t hang out with them if every date holds anxiety and fear and more questions than answers. Don’t settle if they’re not as excited to see you and spend more time with you. Don’t settle for awkward conversations and meaningless dates that lead to nothing or false promises that are easily broken.

Unless they make you feel fabulous, beautiful and desired, please don’t settle.

Unless you want to tell everyone about them and how you finally found someone who puts an end to the lonely nights and the hard days, don’t believe in them. Don’t believe in them if you can’t tell people about your story because they’ll tell you that you can do so much better and you deserve someone who is sure of you. Don’t believe their lies when you know they’re capable of giving more or doing more. Don’t choose them if you are their last choice.

Unless it makes you feel proud, please don’t settle.

Unless you feel like you can trust them with your heart knowing they won’t break it and give them all your love without them taking it for granted, save your love for the one who wants it all. Don’t give bits and pieces because you’re unsure. Don’t be with someone who forces you to hold back. Don’t fall in love with someone whose hands are shaking because they won’t be able to carry you, they won’t be able to catch you — you will fall alone.

Unless it makes you feel safe, please don’t settle.

Unless they make you feel like you don’t have to fight for their attention or fight to win a spot in their heart, don’t fight. Don’t try so hard for someone who barely tries at all. Don’t let them manipulate you into thinking they’ve done enough. Don’t let them get away with giving you the least because they know that you will stick around. Leave if they can’t be all in, leave if they can’t let you in. Leave if they’re not fighting to make you stay. Leave if they think they can easily replace you.

Unless it feels like home, please don’t settle.