Use The Champagne Method To Improve Your Life


It’s a common belief that one way to be happy in life is to be thankful. To take it to the next level, the act of celebration is an attitude of gratitude on steroids. The more you celebrate, the more that you believe your life is worth celebrating. And keeping a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge and a pair of fancy champagne flutes in your cupboard is a way of betting on yourself. You’re prepared to come home on a random weeknight and announce that you’ve gotten a big promotion or reached a new personal best on your run. When your expectation is that you’ll have a big cause for celebration, you’ll be surprised how much more often it becomes reality. This is the champagne method.

It’s kind of like using The Secret, which is a big laugh for a lot of people as a belief for flakes only, but using it in small doses is really helpful. A few years ago my friend and I made the tradition of making a vision board every New Year’s Eve. It’s not a picture of a fancy car, we do boards entirely of clothes to hang in our closet and remind us when we’re picking out outfits what our dream style is. When I look back on the board at the end of the year, I’ve (without thinking about it) acquired lookalikes of all the clothes in the pictures. I also use the law of attraction when I pick out photos for the lock screen on my phone. I try to do something aspirational. The last two I’ve ended up accidentally recreating perfectly within a few months of selecting them.

The first money I ever made from my blog I spent on champagne at a fancy restaurant. Life hack: even at really nice places, the cheapest champagne on the menu is usually only like $50 and you get the whole bottle. That’s like, several hours of drinks and entertainment for you and a friend. Buy three drinks and you’ll spend more than $25 each anyways. Having a real celebration made the whole experience feel so much more legitimate. If your family is anything like mine, they don’t understand any kind of accomplishment that isn’t an engagement ring, so I solidify it with this experience instead.

Life is short and it has a habit of going by really fast. Don’t be stingy about celebrating the good things that happen while you can. If absolutely nothing else happens, you’ll at least have some fun nights to look back on. If that’s the worst that can happen, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot and report back.