Valentine’s Day 2023 Forecast: A Zodiac-Based Guide To Romance And Love


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and Cupid’s arrow is going to be extra favorable on February 14th for a lot of the signs. Whether you’re single and putting yourself out there, or in a relationship with your soulmate — V-Day is going to be an undeniably connected, and romantic affair due to the fact that there is a conjunction between Venus in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces throughout the day.

When the planet of genuine connection crashes into the planet of daydreaming and deeper vision — sparks start to fly, and romance runs high. Your wishes when it comes to love, and what your heart desires, are being heard. Buckle up! 


Aries, who will catch your attention on Valentine’s Day? A secret admirer may finally reveal their feelings as the conjunction between Venus and Neptune creates a tempting romantic atmosphere. You may notice that your crush or partner is paying more attention to you than usual, and you may find yourself imagining what loving gesture they might have up their sleeve. The celestial energy of the fiery moon in Sagittarius will embolden your hope when it comes to your love life, and you may be inclined to take a leap of faith. If you feel ready to follow your heart, consider Valentine’s Day to be the perfect time to express your true feelings to the person who has caught your eye. Tell them how much they mean to you when the moon forms a favorable aspect with Mercury in Aquarius — the Universe has your back when it comes to this expression, and you may find yourself falling deeper in love with your forever. 


Valentine’s Day will bring you and your partner closer together, Taurus, and there will be a natural alignment between you and your soulmate as Venus dances with dreamy Neptune. The unconditional love and friendship created by this conjunction will bring a sense of deep acceptance in your love life. You may find yourself daydreaming about where your relationship will lead in the future, and you will feel encouraged to be more open when it comes to discussing your heartfelt hopes with the person who is the object of your affection. With that being said, your desire for emotional intimacy will deepen as the day progresses, and you may feel ready to take a leap of faith by allowing your partner into your inner world while the moon is in adventurous Sagittarius. Take advantage of this energy to get to know your partner better by being open and honest with them — this energy is all about connection, Taurus. It’s time to dive.


Valentine’s Day may have you thinking about the future of your love life, Gemini. You tend to live in the moment rather than planning for what is coming your way, but on this day you may find yourself daydreaming about commitment, marriage and more due to Venus’ alignment with dreamy Neptune. This conjunction will encourage you to have a more romantic and hopeful approach to love and it is encouraging you to connect yourself to what you want to create and feel with your soulmate in the coming years. You may feel driven to take a leap of faith while the moon is in adventurous Sagittarius, the opposite sign to your own. This is not the time to hesitate, Gemini! The bold energy of the moon will make you eager for love, so don’t be afraid to let your crush or partner know how you truly feel, as the moon forms a favorable aspect with Jupiter in Aries. This could be your cosmic cue to take a special friendship to the next level.


Valentine’s Day can be a special day for you, Cancer. As Venus aligns with dreamy Neptune, it might be a good time to reflect on what you believe in when it comes to love. Love isn’t always easy, but this alignment will remind you to keep your chin up and restore your faith in your journey. Embrace the positive and hopeful energy of this transit by finding moments of magic throughout the day, as the moon is in exuberant Sagittarius. This energy is illuminating your work sector, so you could show your work wife or work hubby a little love by surprising them with their favorite coffee or by handing out Valentine’s cards to your coworkers. Later on, prioritize your self-care by enjoying a nice bottle of wine, watching your favorite romantic movie, and pampering yourself.


Valentine’s Day will be an intimate experience for you, Leo, as Venus aligns with intuitive Neptune. This alignment will make it natural for you to share your body, mind, and soul with your lover. As the conjunction builds throughout the day, you may feel like your desire for love transcends beyond the ordinary. Embrace your intuition and go deeper than ever before with your partner. The moon in steamy Sagittarius will also add a playful and sensual energy to the moment. With that being said, you may feel more adventurous and want to spend the day in bed with your object of desire, as the fiery moon amplifies passion. Use this opportunity to enhance your intimate bond, Leo. It’s time to turn up the heat!


Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity for you to reflect on what type of commitment you desire in your love life, Virgo. The conjunction of Venus and Neptune on this day will bring your attention to the possibilities that could manifest in your relationship. Instead of focusing on the details, allow yourself to imagine and visualize the kind of love you want to experience. Whatever you think in your mind, you can have in your life, Virgo. It is okay to ask for what you desire. If you have already met your soulmate, it’s important to take the pressure off of yourself when it comes to Valentine’s day. You’re being encouraged to celebrate at home with a cozy, intimate dinner followed by a bubble bath with your partner. The simple forms of connection are always the strongest — don’t ever forget that. 


Valentine’s Day will bring an extra touch of magic to your love life, Libra, as Venus aligns with dreamy Neptune. This transit will amplify romantic energy and inspire you to take a leap of faith in your relationships. The bold energy of the moon in Sagittarius will give you the courage to speak up and express your feelings, potentially leading to new beginnings in partnership and commitment. Don’t hold back, let your crush or lover know how you truly feel.


Scorpio, you’re one of the lucky zodiac signs who will be struck by Cupid’s arrow on Valentines Day, due to the fiery conjunction between romantic Venus and dreamy Neptune. This will bring you closer to your heart’s desires. Show your romantic side by surprising your soulmate with a special date, and don’t be afraid to go all out with traditional Valentine’s Day gestures such as red roses and champagne. The presence of a warm Sagittarius moon serves as a reminder for you to have confidence in your romantic endeavors and to take a leap of faith, even if it may be scary. During your special date with your partner, take advantage of the opportunity to deepen your connection by asking thought-provoking questions and increasing emotional intimacy. Trust that this effort will ultimately be worthwhile — there’s beauty in vulnerability, Scorpio. It’s time to open up.


Valentine’s Day may be a more of a low-key affair for you, Sagittarius. This is due to the energy Venus and Neptune create together when they start their dance within introverted Pisces. Instead of feeling the need to be on the move with your partner, you may find that an easygoing and intimate day together is actually what you desire the most. This can be a great time to discuss your dreams for a home and family with the person you share a deep and rooted connection with. You’re not often the kind of person to talk about the vision you hold for your future, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, but you are being encouraged to open your heart to someone who genuinely sees it clearly, Sagittarius. Valentine’s Day can be a breakthrough for you when it comes to your vulnerability. Don’t try to escape these feelings — they are showing up in your energy for a reason. 



As a Capricorn, on Valentine’s Day you may find yourself feeling more open and vulnerable with someone you feel a deeper connection with. This is due to the fact that  Venus and Neptune  are dancing around in Pisces, which will bring a softer, more romantic energy into your atmosphere. You may want to take the opportunity to express your feelings in a creative way, such as writing a poem on a Valentine’s card. The bold energy of the moon in Sagittarius is also  going to encourage you or someone in your life to take a risk and to make a bold move in their romantic desires. With the moon sextiling Mercury in Aquarius, you may be inspired to come up with a unique and unforgettable Valentine’s Day surprise for your crush, or to take a leap of faith elsewhere. Either way — prepare for romance, Capricorn. It’s about time! 


Aquarius, Valentine’s Day may be the perfect time for you to take the next step with someone you’re interested in, as Venus and Neptune align in a way that enhances the romantic vibe in your atmosphere and gives you more confidence when it comes to your heart’s desires. With the moon in exuberant Sagittarius, consider doing something extraordinary to make your intentions clear with the person who has caught your eyes. However, to avoid feeling disorganized or anxious, plan ahead and be authentic in your expression of love. Trust your instincts and go with what feels natural — this way you can put yourself out there confidently. Remember that you are enough, as you are. You don’t need to water yourself down or do something that is out of character in order to be chosen or to have your feelings reciprocated. Come as you are, Aquarius. It’s going to be beautiful.


Pisces, with Venus and Neptune aligning in your sign, you may find yourself feeling more confident and positive about your love life. You are being encouraged by the Universe to use this opportunity to be more open about your relationships or to put yourself out there if you are single. With the moon in Sagittarius, you may be in the spotlight on Valentine’s Day, making it a perfect time to share your love life on social media, or try your hand at dating apps and social events. Take advantage of this cosmic attention, as it may attract new romantic opportunities. This is your time to shine, Pisces. Don’t let anything get in your way of attracting what you genuinely want to feel in this world.