Vegan Mother Nearly Kills Her Newborn Because “Vegan Beliefs”


WESH Orlando is reporting that a Florida woman was taken into custody by local police Tuesday when it was revealed that she was refusing treatment for her newborn’s severe dehydration and weight loss. 23-year-old Sarah Anne Markham was told by her pediatrician that her 12-day-old child needed to be taken to the hospital that very day and was provided with medication to give her baby. She responded by doing the exact opposite. Naturally, police had to be called.

For over an hour, police tried to make contact with Markham at her apartment, in which she was believed to be inside, but they were unable to.


Police then contacted a locksmith so they could gain access to the unhealthy newborn.


Upon opening the door, Markham told police she didn’t think she had to answer or acknowledge police presence.

Police said that she told them she wanted to get a second opinion on her newborn’s health. She said she didn’t believe that the child was dehydrated because it was having regular bowel movements.


You see, Markham is a vegan and had decided that instead of taking her baby to the hospital she would instead purchase organic soy milk formula instead, a product that probably shouldn’t even be on the market. Additionally, she claimed to have reached out to a “natural” doctor.

Markham said she purchased organic soy formula from Whole Foods to replace the medicine provided from the pediatrician. She told police that she refused to use the medicine because it contained ingredients that came from animals.

Police said they asked Markham if the product was confirmed with a doctor that it was safe to give the newborn, and she replied saying that since it was organic, it must be OK.

After arresting Markham, police admitted the child to a local hospital where it is presumably being nursed back to health using “unnatural” methods.