Vegan Restaurant Owner Allows Roach Infestation Over Moral Grounds



Kingsland Vegan Restaurant in Dickson, Australian is being criticized for a pattern of refusing to eradicate a cockroach infestation because of the owner’s moral opposition to “killing little insects.” This opposition resulted in an infestation of the creatures with “a number of live and dead cockroaches around the kitchen, including close to cooking equipment.”

Inspectors raided the restaurant four months later after a public tip-off to discover the breaches, which included a cockroach infestation, incorrect food storage, a dirty kitchen and equipment and obstructed and faulty handwashing facilities.

As a result of the roach related health violations, as well as seven others, the owner of the restaurant has been fined $16,000 by the courts. Among the other violations were the following:

  • Toilet opened directly into the kitchen with no seal around the door.
  • Food stored uncovered in the dishwasher and the freezer.
  • Grease covered walls and floors.
  • Preparation surfaces, pots, and pans left unwashed.

In a remarkable turnaround, all of the above issues were corrected within six days and the restaurant was allowed to re-open. Kingsland Vegan Restaurant is rated an 87 by Urban Spoon users. The restaurant’s owner is yet to pay the $16,000 in fees.

 h/t The Brisbane Times