Video Of Little Girl Not Wanting To Go To Disney World Teaches Many Lessons


In a mere 33 seconds, this stripe-clad angel teaches us a surprising number of universally true lessons.

Don’t Buy The Hype

Mobile, Alabama might have less hype surrounding it than any other place on Earth. Disney World, on the other hand, is sold so hard to little kids that it has literally become a benchmark for how much your parents love you; if they didn’t take you to this theme park at least once during your childhood, they basically made you sleep outside and fed you moldy, leftover Taco Bell every day. Such is the power of the Disney hype machine. But this girl is unimpressed. She loves Mobile. Mobile is in her heart. Disney World, with its massive marketing budget, holds nothing for this girl. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t give a good goddamn what everyone else is into.

Clearly state your needs

If you stand any chance at getting what you want from life, you have to not only know what it is you want, but be willing and able to say it out loud, preferably to people who are in positions to give you what you want. This kid, upon hearing that they were about to go to Disney World, immediately and calmly says, “I want to go to Mobile.” She didn’t beat around the bush. Like, “Hey parents, I hear you saying that we’re about to go somewhere other than Mobile. I want to go to Mobile. You are in charge of things like purchasing plane tickets and carrying our luggage, so in acknowledgement of your leadership, I’m telling you what I need from this situation. I want to go to Mobile.” We would be well-served to be as direct and clear in communicating our wants.

Don’t fake it for the camera

Even at 4-years-old, I’m guessing this little girl has already figured out what her parents want when they focus the camera on her: FACE. FEELINGS. ENERGY. SPARKLE. MAGIC. But that’s not what she experienced after hearing the news that they would be traveling to Anywhere But Mobile, and she would be damned if she was going to hide her devastation. May we all keep it this real at all times.

Don’t be afraid to let people down

Could this mom’s voice be any more full of expectation? Like, Jesus Christ, lady, we get it. You expect squeals and fireworks after your announcement about your destination. I’m all for trying to get your kids excited about life, but you’re not Oprah and you aren’t giving her a new car so take it down a bit. The kid, on the other hand, continues being true as fuck to herself; you can see she’s so ready to hear good news. She wants to be psyched. She knows that’s what her mom wants too. She’s prepared to be onboard the excitement train, but only if that train is going to Mobile. Cheers to her for not playing into the reaction her mother was clearly expecting.

Take a moment when you need it

I respect this tiny champion so much for excusing herself to the side before letting her feelings out. She knew the tears were coming, and like a proper Southern lady, she didn’t want to make a scene in front of everyone. It has taken me a quarter of a century to realize I should do this.