VIDEO: There’s A Small Village In Kazakhstan Where People Are Mysteriously Falling Asleep For Weeks And No One Can Figure Out Why



We wrote an article about people mysteriously falling asleep for days back in 2014.

In December of 2014, RT (Russia Today) released a short documentary that detailed the mysterious ‘sleep attacks’. They visited a small village in Kazakhstan to document it.

The film crew interviewed residents and doctors, who all had no idea why it was happening.

Patients had been monitored using CT scans and had blood tests done. Even then, doctors could find nothing wrong with them.

The ‘attacks’ would occur mostly on children and would sometimes happen simultaneously in groups.

Symptoms of this bizarre ‘sleep attack’ include: dizziness, inability to stand, extreme fatigue, memory loss, and even hallucinations.

Some people said the ‘attacks’ were happening because of ghosts.

And people came up with weird theories. Some included a mysterious black box being buried in one of the mines. Others claimed of weird smoke being carried around by the wind. Some people admitted to being scared of living in the area.

Radiologists, virologists, and toxicologists met and tested everyone in the village. But they were unable to diagnose anyone with anything. A separate news clip, however, claimed that this ‘sleeping sickness’ is not a virus.

The film crew decided to bring back samples to analyze in their own lab.

But they were unable to find anything significant that might be contributing to the ‘sleeping sickness.

Do you think radiation is the culprit here? Is it a weird government conspiracy? What’s going on in this town that’s causing this? Let us know what you think in the comments.