Virginity Is Just A Made Up Thing And It’s Totally Fucked


Disclaimer: All my thoughts are coming from a female’s perspective. I do not have the mind of a male and therefore can not make any statements from that side.

Let’s talk about virginity and how it’s just a word society has made up to make us believe is something more than it really is.

Society is constantly making us believe that virginity is some prized possession that we need to take caution with. But, in doing so, we’re also teaching young girls that their worth should be determined by their body.

Don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe no girl should be having sex before they’re ready to deal with the consequences. If you’re not at an age where you can openly talk to your SO about buying condoms or talk to your doctor about birth control pills, you are probably too young to be having sex. Sex can lead to pregnancy, even if accidental, and you have to be at an age where you can really understand that.

With that being said, why are we always so focused on a girl’s first time? Why is that moment supposed to be magical and life changing?

It’s sex. It’s physical. And maybe it’s time we start viewing it this way.

Society has built it up to be this whole ordeal, convincing girls our first time is going to be magically irreplaceable.

And that they’re going to have this inexplicable attachment to them. In turn, I think girls get attached. Not because some emotional trigger goes off, but more because they’re expecting it to happen.

Have you heard of the placebo effect? It’s basically when you give a patient a placebo or fake treatment and they miraculously appear to get better. Outside of the medical world, it can be seen in every day scenarios. For example, if you were to switch out regular beer to non-alcoholic beer at a party and not tell anyone, you’d have a surprisingly high number of people acting drunk.

And I think that’s the exact case here. These girls are being told they’re going to have this experience that they’re going to forever remember and so, in turn, it happens.

Maybe it’s time society takes a step back and starts educating girls about sex, in terms of what it is – a physical act that you’re not ready for until you can fully understand the consequences of pregnancy.