Standing in line, pen in hand; ready to elect. Ready to have my voice heard; but is it?

Am I loud enough?

Can you hear me now? Keep listening.

My mind is revisiting stories of old. As history unfolds, I see layers of prejudice, of intolerance;

Now gas is three dollars and please tell me how the hell do we keep our head above water, when it’s the same color as our collars.

It’s funny, isn’t it? That the rich seem to benefit from keeping the poor, poorer; and keeping our blue collar, blue.

Keep listening, I’m speaking to you, Mr. President, isn’t it evident that your uninformed hate may as well be irrelevant. It contradicts those who came before you.

My blood boils because my morals can’t ignore you and did you even read the fucking Declaration?

Jefferson-what would you think of the state of this nation.

Your words seeming relevant;

“We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all are created equal…”

What a fitting anecdote.


This is our time; we owe it to our children to make sure there is still an Earth for them to plant roots in, to make sure we speak up for those who cannot.

Who will not.

I will not stop fighting until obtaining freedom is equal opportunity, until we feel secure in our unity, until I have a conversation with everyone-

I disagree with.

To hear both sides and debunk the myth, that different, is wrong.

Race, class, ethnicity; need we be reminded of our nation’s rich diversity? Or have you forgotten, that you, were once them.

Do you feel your own guilt?

Dear Harvey Milk, he’s trying to change the laws again, our administration is all-love intolerant. Yet we tolerate misogyny to the first degree.

But it doesn’t count if it happens to me? Assaults go unnoticed, ignored again, all because women should “show less skin.”


I say, “no,” to you littering our land with your bullshit hypocrisy,

This is OUR democracy and there will be no land left, for you to build your wall on. The grass will not be greener because it will be gone.

I will never let your ignorant, self-preserving pollution choke, my God-given, birth given, human given

Right to Vote.