Wait For The Love You Deserve


Wading through the wasteland known as dating sites and apps and going on the seemingly never-ending chain of dead end dates can feel exhausting, like a pointless task. In a world of fuckboys and commitment-phobes, finding Prince Charming can begin to seem next to impossible. It can be tempting to settle for the lesser of the evils or, at the very least, a decent placeholder while you wait.

But don’t. Wait for the right one.

Wait for the one who you can’t shake from your mind. Wait for the one who’s kiss and touch electrifies you and gives your goosebumps. Wait for the one that excites you and inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and be adventurous.

Wait for the one who respects you and gives you reasons to respect them back. Wait for the one who has qualities that make you want to be the best you. Wait for the one who you hope your future children will turn out like. Wait for the one who inspires your personal growth and supports you as you grow.

Wait for the one who accepts you in spite of your flaws. Wait for the one who loves and accepts you for who are and does not demand or expect you to change or conform for them. Wait for the one who sacrifices things for you and makes the sacrifices you make worth it.

Wait for the one who understands your needs and desires and wants to make sure they are fulfilled. Wait for the one who makes you feel wanted and needed and never like a burden. Wait for the one who feels like home, like the person you have known your whole life who you can be yourself around.

Wait for the one who gives back instead of just taking. Wait for the one who is a partner and an equal, who you can go through life with together instead of being deadweight you have to support. Wait for the person who loves the journey of a life with you and is excited to see where the road leads with you.

Wait for the one who cannot get you off their mind. Who falls asleep and wakes up thinking of you. Wait for the one who isn’t clingy but leaves no doubt that you are their first and only choice.

But most importantly, wait for the one whom does all of these things naturally. With the right person, these things just happen naturally as evidence of the strength, purity, and realness of the love they have for you, the love you deserve. Life is too short to settle for anything but the most passionate of loves, the love that seems almost magical. You deserve it, so wait for it.