The Best Wall Mount Bathtub Faucets To Inspire Your Bathroom Renovation


When it comes to shower renovations, sometimes, the simplest upgrades can have the most visual impact.

Such is the case with what is one of the most common fixtures in a bathroom: the wall mount faucet. This is the standard faucet you see in most bathrooms today. It is installed onto the wall — whether that’s tile or not — and allows water to flow directly into the tub. 

Bathtub faucets often come as part of a package, which includes the shower head and temperature nozzle, though you can purchase or upgrade any one of the three individually as well. If you choose to do so, make sure that the metals and quality of the pieces are matching. 

Upgrading your bathtub faucet is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact in your bathroom. Old, rusted faucets don’t look as nice, and it’s easy for calcium and other sediments to build up and give you an ineffective water flow. 

This is everything you need to know about selecting, installing and upgrading your bathtub faucet. 

How To Replace A Mounted Bathtub Faucet

Upgrading this fixture is relatively easy, and it’s possible that you or someone in your home can do it without having to hire out a contractor. 

Consider The Placement

If you are just replacing your bathtub faucet and not actually moving its position or where the tub rests, this will be a much easier job. If you are doing a complete bathroom renovation, you will have to account for the work necessary to re-cut and lay the water lines to make the faucet functional. 

Ensure The Water Lines Work

Of course, the faucet is nothing without correct plumbing, so ensure that you do not have any issues with the water lines in your home first.

Start With The Access Panel

Your plumber should have installed something called an access panel, which is more or less a cover that hides unseemly bolts and screws but easily allows you to access the faucet itself. Remove this to begin. If you have to create one, you’ll need to make an opening in the wall that is the size of the faucet itself, and then a little extra room. You can install a cover using a bolt afterwards.

Turn Off The Water

It should go without saying, but you’ll need to shut off your water before you continue with the work. 

Remove The Faucet

Now that you’re behind the access panel, you can actually remove the faucet itself. You can likely do this by unscrewing the nuts and bolts that are holding it in place. It should be relatively intuitive.

Replace The Faucet

Take your new faucet and apply it to where the old one was. If you want to minimize the amount of work you have to do, make sure you select a new version that is relatively the same size as your old one. This will prevent you from having to make new cuts or replace the wall or tile.

Reinstall The Access Panel

Finally, you’ll need to put the access panel back on, or otherwise cover the rest of the faucet’s base. 

How To Update Your Faucet Design

Sure, adding a brand new faucet will absolutely make a difference in the appearance of your bathroom, but it’s best to consider how you can actually upgrade the style altogether.

Right now, statement metals are very popular. Perhaps you can use a gold faucet, nozzle and shower head, and coordinate it with other gold bathroom accessories, or a new sink faucet. In other cases, you can stick with the same metal you had before, but upgrade the quality or features of the faucet. Perhaps you want a traditional spout, or a wide spout. Either way, you can opt for a new bathing experience with this simple upgrade.

Our Favorite Wall Mount Bathtub Faucets To Upgrade Your Look

[tc-product id=”omgrlrdz”]

This faucet is streamlined but still elegant, with a simple base, slight curvature, and two accompanying water temperature nozzles to match.

[tc-product id=”jgfdis”]

Another classic set, this option offers a beveled edge for more detail and interest in the design. Otherwise, it’s a classic faucet and temperature nozzle combination that would fit easily into many preexisting bathtub cutouts. 

[tc-product id=”ilcuhyc”]

This faucet is one of the more unique options out there, with a full black base holding the faucet and temperature nozzles in one. It’s certainly a statement piece, but might require a bit more plumbing work than another replacement would. 

[tc-product id=”gqfjaxi”]

This option is minimalistic as well, and the simple, open, round end will make for a smaller but cleaner and more streamlined water flow. This is perfect for any bathroom to take on a slightly more relaxing and almost Japanese-style feel.

[tc-product id=”gjixalsw”]

This wall mount features a minimalistic faucet with statement temperature nozzles, on which the handles are built into cross shapes. This is reminiscent of a vintage gauge, but with a modern take. There are also multiple finishes for this faucet, including gold and copper.

If you’re not so sure about a wall mount faucet, here’s some inspiration that might make you think differently:

Bathtub Faucet Inspiration

This modern, nickel faucet combination creates an incredible contrast between the white ceramic and gray marble backplate. This is a perfect example of how to improve the overall styling of your bathroom with this technical upgrade. 

Because the tile is so unique in this bathroom, it makes sense that the designer opted for a standard, sleek black faucet. 

This angular, silver faucet is another great example of how to create a more modern, contemporary look in the tub.