Want To Look Like Kylie Jenner? Here Are All Her Beauty Secrets


Kylie Jenner has taken the beauty world by storm with Kylie Cosmetics, but does she actually use her own products? It turns out, the answer is yes, among plenty other brands like KKW and Chanel. She’s got a ton of beauty secrets up her sleeve, and she’s here to spread the word.

Jenner did a video feature for Vogue, where she showed fans how she attains her daily look. And if you’ve ever wanted perfect her signature look, you may want to take a peek:

How does Kylie Jenner make her look seem so attainable? Why do I feel like I would look absolutely ridiculous if I did the same thing to my face? Did you see how much blush she put on her face?? And yet how does she still look so normal???

I will never understand how this woman actually exists. But hey, it’s a fun tutorial to watch nonetheless!