Watch These Videos Of Hot Male Models, Because Why Not?


It’s so unfair the way masculine culture (including dude-centric media) objectifies women and it’s fine and cool BECAUSE MEN HAVE NEEDS, whereas women who objectify men are seen as “slutty” and “misguided.” But ugh, whatever. I’m so sick of seeing tits on TV not because tits aren’t awesome as shit but because it’s always a one-way street. Women are shown but men are almost always covered up. Well, I’m here to tell you that objectifying guys is one of the greatest reasons to walk the earth. To help you fully comprehend this undeniable fact, here are 10 hot male models who will get you all excited in your nether regions.

1. Sung Jin Park


Beauty and cheekbones.

2. Arthur Gosse


How v cute you are, Arthur. Hello!

3. Clement Chabernaud


OMG he is talking that French y’all — personal hotness points just shot through the roof.

4. Marlon Teixeira


“My name is Marlon Teixera, I have 21 years old. I’m from Brazil.” Jesus, take me home with u pls.

5. David Agbodji



6. Sacha M’Baye


With Sacha AND Jourdan Dunn in the picture there is just too much hotness to take all in one sitting.

7. Adrien Sahores


Is there anything more magical on the earth than a hot French guy speaking English?

8. Jon Kortajarena


Uh, brb.

9. Harvey Newton-Haydon


He has a girlfriend already BECAUSE OF COURSE

10. Cole Mohr


My personal all time favorite. I just love a silly skater dude coated in tats. Hi, Cole!

image – Shutterstock