Watch This Crazy Lady (And Her Poor, Poor Kids) March Through A Target Store Screaming About Bathrooms, Homosexuals, And Satan


Target’s new policy, allowing individuals to use the restroom of the gender they identified with, surely caused quite a bit of an uproar.

But one mom decided to take her rantings and ravings off far-right message boards and comment sections right to the store.

Screaming at customers, asking them if they are going to let “The devil rape their children?” This woman pretty much managed to piss everyone off. Brandishing a Bible, she condemned mothers, ordering them to immediately move their children from the store.

I’d say more, but I think you need to watch the video first:

The controversy over the new restroom policy, seems¬†more rooted in confusion and “gut reaction” than in rational thinking. People seem to make the argument that “perverts” will take advantage of it, but what stops them from entering an opposite gendered bathroom as it is?? The little sign with a humanoid with a triangle-shaped body?

As for this woman, this is not how Jesus spoke. This is not how Jesus acted. I’m not sure who she is trying to emulate here, but it isn’t Jesus.

Like seriously, and also, look at those kids. They look so freakin’ uncomfortable in this video. What parent abuses their children as props in some political demonstration. Furthermore, LOL, this lady is decrying the other moms for bringing their kids to Target when she has them in tow for her loony-toons speech.

Okay, rant over. I hope this woman gets the help she needs.