Watch This Video: Teen Choice Awards Sets New World Record In Awkwardness


This weekend, the Teen Choice Awards attempted to engage a room full of white teenage girls in twerking — or “that thing they saw in a Miley Cyrus video.” Led by Darren Criss and Lucy Hale, the goal was to set a new world record for the Most People Twerking at the Same Time. However, the result achieved a different milestone: the Teen Choice Awards are now the Guinness Champions of Embarrassment.

What happens when you try to get a bunch of people to do something they don’t really understand? Nothing. Absolutely fucking nothing. The only people who knew how to twerk were a little girl who looks like Quvenzhane Wallis and Harry Styles, whose twerking is now available in GIF form for the embarrassment to be preserved for eternity. This is a piece of history, folks.

Here’s the full video, preserved on handheld camera for extra awkwardness. The Teen Choice Awards hasn’t single-handedly killed twerking, but this is about as close at you get.


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image – Teen Choice Awards