Watch This Woman Demonstrate 100 Years Of German Beauty Trends in 1 Minute


In episode 10 of the “100 Years of Beauty” series from Cut Video they look at the evolution of beauty trends in Germany, depicting the way beauty trends changed before and after the two world wars, and the divide and reunification of East and West Germany.

The timelapse video features model Brooke Williams to showcase the trends beginning in the 1910s. What’s interesting is when the video reaches the 1950s, the screen splits into two, representing the split of East and West Germany and how women’s style was affected during that time.

When the video reaches the 1990s (when the Berlin Wall began to be demolished) the video returns to one united frame.

Cut Video’s creative director Mike Gaston spoke to the The Huffington Post about why Germany was particularly difficult.

“The hardest part of doing a series like this is achieving authenticity,” he said. “How can we be certain our work will be true to the experience of the people who identify with these cultures? How do we negotiate the complications and horrors in their histories in a way that is honest but still accessible? How do we acknowledge something like Nazi Germany without being reductive? Although I’m satisfied overall by our latest video, I’m not sure we were as successful confronting that period as we could’ve been.

Previously, Cut Video has featured evolving beauty trends in other countries including Korea, Iran, and others.

Watch the video below to see how the way beauty trends have changed over the past 100 years in Germany.