Watch: Wife Freaks Out After Husband Pretends To Kill Their Son


The guy who pulls the prank you’ll see in the above video is an utter asshole and total hack. He makes money off pulling stupid pranks and getting his wife to react in an overblown (if not completely fake) way to his actions. I know: why am I posting this video that will inevitably receive at least a few more pageviews from this post? Because he is going to get pageviews regardless, and they should at least be views from people who can look at this and say, “this is shit, I am not going to click on anything like this again.” I know. Counterproductive, Clickhole, etc. Whatever. Is Punk’d still on? Ashton, if you’re listening, please don’t fake the death of your child in a prank. This video makes me miss Punk’d. I didn’t think that was possible.