We All Have Storms Inside Us


We are all our own storm of everything we have created inside of us. We are full of tornadoes of instincts, earthquakes of poor judgment, downpours of salt water we can’t get a hold of, gusts of anger and denial, so much we can’t control — but I promise, all storms will reconcile in time.

Yes —our souls may be bruised and our minds scarred from going to war with emotions that we have cultivated based on the words of someone who never meant what they said, but we are still whole in ourselves and will always rebuild what has been harmed.

The walls surrounding our hearts may be cracked from years of ships invading the seas of our body, crashing into us and causing damage— all because their anchor sank when the knots tied by the words they promised came loose and frayed when their actions never followed.

We may forget how easy it is to sink in a storm so powerful; it takes us over inch by inch until it successfully engulfed us whole. But we keep swimming through these wild seas hoping to find someone that will make gentle the oceans we carry within us because we are all storms.

But we must not forget—we are the lightning you cannot look away from, afraid that you might miss the best strike. So many unwanted visitors will come and see our powerful lightning strikes, and run away in fear, not knowing they will miss the best shows. While every strike is different and alluring because it lights up the jet-black night sky.

A beautiful whirlwind or madness and chaos all in one, we follow each hurricane with a purple hue in our calming skies. To remind ourselves that we can endure each act mankind decides to throw at us.

For we are all storms—the kind you chase, not run away from.