We All Have That One Person Who We Don’t Deserve


Our life is made of doors, both entrances and exits. People knowingly enter into our lives, sometimes momentarily, sometimes for a long time. The excruciating truth about the doors in our lives is that they don’t have locks. People come and go as they like and we can’t really do anything about it. We just sit there and welcome anyone who enters and bid goodbye to those who chooses to leave or has no choice but to go.

The people who walk in and out of our lives have their own reasons for doing so. It can be because of us, because of them or it’s just because life requires them to. But there will always be this one person who walked in to our life, that one person who just won’t go away, no matter how wide open the exit door is.

This person is the one person that we don’t deserve.

We don’t deserve the kind of person who chooses us every day. No matter how unpleasant we get. We bare our teeth and bite that person so hard until they bleed, and yet they still try to sharpen it for us. We show the ugliness of our being and they decorate it with flowers and call us “beautiful,” “lovely,” and “alluring.” We leave scratches on their skin and rather than calling these scars, they call these remembrance. And when we ask why they still stay they say, “Why not?”

We don’t deserve the kind of person who would choose to burn just so they can serve as our light.

They tire themselves by arranging the stars for us just so we would believe that the universe is on our side. They travel the emptiness of the ocean and the heat of the desert just so we know that we are not alone. They break down pieces of themselves just so we can complete ours. And when we ask why they still stay, they answer with, “Because I can.”

We don’t deserve the kind of person who hides their weaknesses from us. The hurtful part of this is that they are dying inside, but we do not have the slightest idea. They are lost, unsure of who they really are, but still act as our compass, our map and our guide. They let their tears dry down on their cheeks because they’re saving their handkerchief for when we cry. And when we ask why they still stay they say, “Because I want to.”

We don’t deserve the kind of person who thinks they deserve us. Because deep down, you know that they can do better. They argue that they are the “reacher” and we are the “settler” in the relationship, but the truth is that it’s the other way around. We need them and they think they need us, too, but that’s not true.

We tie them down because we know that if we let go, they can fly farther and farther away from our selfishness, incompleteness, and the ugliness of our mess. And when we ask why they still stay, they answer with, “Because I love you.”

There will always be that one person that we don’t deserve and there will always be that one person who doesn’t deserve us. It’s just the way of life.

Despite that, love is not something that we can weigh, nor something that we should. It doesn’t matter who deserves better, who cries harder and who loves harder. People give us what we have now because they think we deserve it and we give people what they have now because we think that they deserve it, too, because love forgets quantity and focuses on quality.

This one person doesn’t necessarily have to be your significant other, it can be your mom, dad, any one in your family tree, or friend. Keep in mind that this person is a person, and every person deserves to feel loved and appreciated. Having someone to love us unconditionally is the greatest gift that we will ever have in our entire life and it is only right that we make sure that person receives the amount of love and time that they give.

In the end, we can’t live for all eternity knowing that the one person who doesn’t deserve us doesn’t get the love and affection that they deserve. Sometimes, giving back a smile or a laugh is enough for them to know that their suffering and sacrifice are not all in vain.

Be the person who would be deserving of their love now. After all, no matter how much we wish it wouldn’t, the clock only moves in one direction.