We All Want Someone To Want Us


It seems so simple. Find someone you’re interested in and hope they like you back. But people make things so complicated. It isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault; it just seems to be the way everyone is programmed.

We’re programmed to look for love but oddly reject it when it finds us.

If it were so simple we’d all be happy and in good relationships. But here we are a bit confused and we drag others through it, trying to find clarity.

Then we get caught between kisses even though we know they aren’t contracts.

And sex might be making love but it doesn’t mean we’ve found it.

Clothes are everywhere as his fingers run through your hair. But just because someone sees you at your most vulnerable and naked doesn’t mean they know you. Because two people can know every curve to the other person’s body and exactly how to touch them but they could still be two strangers laying next to each other.

Physically being invested in something doesn’t mean the other person is emotionally invested.

Cause we ask each other what we like but not really what we want. And even if someone did ask, I think a lot of us are too afraid to admit the truth or maybe we don’t even know what we want which might be the root to this problem.

We all want someone to want us.

It’s both simple and complex because the people we’re supposed to like who would be good for us we never actually do.

And the ones who aren’t good for us we always find ourselves chasing after.

And suddenly it’s like we’re walking on eggshells.

And we’re left perplexed wondering what is going on in their head or are we even a thought. We analyze texts and are coy with responding. We appear to care but we are all taught don’t show it too much. But if this is a game you’re playing even the newest player at the table knows to play their best cards last.

And we all want things to be simple and easy yet we make it very complicated out of fear.

Underneath the things we fail to admit to others and ourselves we’re all programed to want to find that person we can wake up next in the morning and stay.

But we hang onto these relationships and these people who make us unhappy. We’re left constantly pining after this idea of love and a false reality rather than let it into our lives.

We all want the same things but fear taking the chance for it. We’d rather play a game that keeps us occupied then walk away from the table because it seems everyone else is playing and we don’t want to miss out. But what we are really missing out on when we partake in these games is the chance of something more.