We Are A Millisecond Of A Milliseconds Worth Of Existence


I often look up at the night sky, a cup of tea in my hands. This is especially on the days I encounter negativity and people being cruel to me. Because there is something deeply comforting about the vastness of space. That our planet is just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. That honestly, there are probably thousands of other planets just like ours out there and it doesn’t stop there.

The fact that we are alive at all is a miracle.

Odds are, we shouldn’t have existed at all, and the fact that we are here is a triumph on it’s own.

You see,  no matter how big our problems are, no matter how large they seem to us, to the universe we aren’t even blips on its radar. It created us, it made us happen, it valued our fight and simply said “go forth and live well.” And all we can all really hope to do is live our lives to the best of our abilities, and that means not sweating the small stuff. That means not allowing negativity from another person to get to us. That means qualifying that existence with an active sense of trying to do good for others, without focusing on the bad things which have happened to us that day.

We exist so briefly that for the universe we are a millisecond of a milliseconds worth of existence. That is all it gave us. Like butterflies, to the universe, we exist for just a day. Whenever I gaze at the stars and then look back at my greatest problem of the day, suddenly everything seems so very small and so very insignificant.

We get a millisecond of a milliseconds worth of life. Why not spend as much of that as we can trying to be happy and doing the things we love instead of making ourselves ache?