We Are All Dancing With These Thoughts In Our Heads


We are so much of the same, aren’t we? Hundreds and thousands and millions of people with the same fears, the same anxieties, the same ways of thinking.

We all wonder who we are, what our purpose is, what will come next.

We spend so much time trying to wrap our minds around love, around forgiveness, around faith.

We question our existence. We question pain. We question why terrible things happen to the ones we love and why we are so powerless to stop them.

We worry about where we have been and where we are going, where the ones we love are headed and if we can save them. We wonder if we are lost, or if we can save ourselves.

We are each so different—bodies, brains, the color of our eyes and hair—yet, we are all dancing with these thoughts in our heads, all spinning in circles trying to discover who we are and what this all means.

We live in so many cities and so many towns, even countries, even continents around this world, and yet we are all searching. We are all hoping to find answers in the sky, in the sun, in the god we serve, in the love we feel around us.

Isn’t it beautiful that someone across this earth is afraid of dying, just like you?
Or wonders who will be the person they one day love? Have children with?

We are so far from each other, far in proximity, far in physical appearance, far in passions and beliefs—yet we are all wishing on the same stars, turning our faces to the same sun, wondering those lonely thoughts at night.

We might not all pray to the same god, but we are more alike that we think. We are all on different paths, yet our minds still sway to the same beat. We still all wonder. We still all fear. We still all hope. We still all love.

We are all bound by the thoughts spinning in our brains.

And that’s beautiful, isn’t it?
To be connected in a world that feels so big.