We Are All Guilty Of Committing Murder


You and me, we’re all guilty of one crime – murdering someone. We all have killed someone at least once in our lives.

Yes, we are guilty of breaking someone’s heart before.

Killing someone does not necessarily mean waiting for their heart to physically stop beating.

The fact is, it is so easy these days for anyone to kill someone. It could take a phrase or two, an action or a small gesture, or sometimes by just not doing anything at all.

People can actually die inside out.

When charged in court, the accused will always be questioned about his intentions, and the court will then decide his sentence based on the evidence that supports the case.

But this is not exactly the judgement we face in real life, is it? In reality, we immediately deem the culprit guilty as charged, and victim to be the innocent party.

Nobody really questions the intentions of the ‘heart-breaker,’ otherwise known as the murderer.

We’ve all been through a situation like this – we break someone’s heart in order to get out of a relationship. You could have been together with the person for a short one month, or you could have known him for ten years, or maybe your relationship was just becoming too toxic.

Either way, for whatever reason, the only way out is by committing murder.

What people seldom realize is that the one who leaves may not always have an easier time than the one being left behind. Have you heard of this phrase?

I’d like to think that is true in certain cases. It is not always that you emotionally murder someone because you really want them dead.

Perhaps a more common and easier excuse to get away with this murder could be that you’ve lost feelings for them and the relationship is just not working out, or you didn’t mean to hurt them at all.

But how many of us can own up to intentionally hurting the other party because it is the only way that can allow both of you to fully live your lives once again, as ironic as that sounds?

If you are feeling this ‘break-up guilt,’ then welcome to the club. I know what you’ve been going through. I know how it feels like to murder someone and live with your conscience being eaten. I know how it feels to be vulnerable saying, “I had to do it.”

As humans, we are all selfish. By any means we can, we will try to obtain the best possible outcome for ourselves, even if we may not like to admit it.

But people need to realize that in some breakup cases, it is not always the heartbreaker who has the easy way out. Some of us rather spend our whole lives in jail, rather than explaining to those who cannot understand.

I wish that we could all just take a small step back and look at the bigger picture. Perhaps that friend that dumped your best friend simply committed a heinous crime because he wanted to stand up for himself.

Perhaps couples outgrow each other and have different goals in life now.

Perhaps, not loving someone as much as before and choosing to let them go, is a good reason to murder them for the time being.

It is a painful process, be it an amicable breakup or not, but since when did medicine taste good? And since when did we not pay a hefty price for good medicine?

I’m not implying we should forgive that man who cheated on your friend with someone else, or the abusive boyfriend whom you finally managed to free yourself from.

All I’m asking is for you to give the ‘murderer’ in your life the benefit of the doubt and maybe question their intention, before deeming them as the one who killed your soul and ripped your heart into pieces.

Realize that perhaps he or she murdered you with a double-edged sword.

Realize that while you were screaming in pain, they were suffering in silence.

Realize that they might have been hurting just as much as you are.

Realize they cannot tell you because they too killed themselves killing you.