We Are All Story-Tellers


We are all story-tellers.

We carry within us the stories of every emotion we’ve ever felt. The story of the time we were truly happy, sad, disappointed, excited, hopeful, loyal, courageous etc. Each story shares an experience, a moment where we were overwhelmed by our feelings. These are the stories of the times when we understood how sometimes even the most verbose and expressive of people can fall short of words to describe their overwhelming emotions. These are the stories that taught us that not all emotions can be accurately described but these stories gave us benchmark for the next time we feel this emotion again.

We carry within us stories of truth. Moments where we decided to put our foot down, stand our ground and fight for what we believed is right. Moments where we defined our rules and didn’t live our life as per the rules laid down by someone else. Moments where we grew up and became adults, not by virtue of age, but by virtue of owning up and taking responsibility of our life and the decisions we make.

We carry within us the stories of our regrets. Stories that are full of wrong choices we made and regrets that we still carry around as baggage. Stories that some days make us feel that if only we had a time machine or a chance to back in the past and change our choices. Stories that on other days made us feel that whatever happened, happened for the best. Stories that taught us that sometimes you can’t amend a wrong and have to learn how to live with it. While the soul crushing regret and guilt will always be there, it will always serve as a reminder and fuel the will to never repeat this mistake of breaking another soul.

We carry within us the stories of our failures. Stories where we failed to be the superhero who saved the day. Stories that ended so badly that we probably wanted to put a permanent stop to our overall story. But we didn’t. Because these are also the stories that made us who we are today – a far wiser, responsible, tolerant and forgiving person.

These are the stories that taught us that we are not defined by the stories we carry but by the way these stories molded us into the person we are, and that’s what matters most at the end of the day.

We are all story-tellers. We carry so many stories inside us and each of these stories carries a special place in our heart and soul.

Hence, we must find someone who appreciates the story you are and the story that you are trying to become. Find someone who isn’t afraid to hold your hand and walk with you as you shiver in the memories of your haunting past. Find someone who doesn’t judge you or the places you have been but sees you for who you are – a beautiful kaleidoscopic broken soul, whose pieces are held together by the strength of the stories it carries within.