We Are The ‘Rub Your Life In Everyone’s Face’ Generation, And It Makes Dating Impossible


This is the generation of instant gratification. Creating profiles on dating websites is old news. Now we just swipe to the left or right solely based on if the person is attractive or not. Or if they have an interesting tagline in their profile. You could be jobless, friendless, and personality-less, but we’ll still swipe right to meet up with you because you have trusting eyes and a sweet corgi named Charlie.

We are moving so quickly that we sometimes forget to stop and think about basic communication. Are we destined to speed through life and not actually enjoy and reflect on it? What happened to meeting someone and going on a few dates and then deciding to be in a relationship if the chemistry is there? Now we just meet up, hook up, maybe text the next day, maybe not. But if there is a text, then we know there is going to be a second date and that they liked us. A text. That is this generation’s idea of good sign that a date went well. We are so concerned with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder, Hinge, Grindr, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Bumble. We are entirely obsessed with likes and comments while ignoring what’s real in our friendships and relationships. We are so quick to post a picture of our “perfect” relationship to show off to all of our friends while we obviously leave out the screaming and fighting scenarios that happen probably often. It’s the “rubbing in everyone’s face” generation.

The selfies and self-obsessed nature. The reading, writing, traveling, and experiencing have taken a back seat. It didn’t happen if it wasn’t Instagramed. We are all victim to this. You could look at it as a way to connect with one another, but still, we will never stop trying to one up each other. Can’t we be obsessed with swiping left or right for our charity of choice? Can’t we just go out and meet a guy or a girl and strike up a conversation and not rush off to check Facebook or Instagram to see their past relationship or what friends we have in common or if their Hefe or Valencia filters are in fact hurting or helping them? What is the benefit of this new technology standard? Let me tell you: it’s quick, it’s easier to get over someone because there’s always someone else in your batch, it’s a boost to the ego when you match with someone. But it’s possibly detrimental to societies’ dating evolution. I’m craving something more. Something substantial. Not a quick fake interview type of date, but a meaningful discussion. I don’t care how many followers you have. Dating doesn’t happen naturally anymore. And that’s unfortunate.