We Both Know It Wasn’t Supposed To End Like This


I know that time changes everything. Even the things that we were sure were going to last forever. Or at very least, the people that we thought were going to stick around.

But life is funny like that. And love, well it comes and it goes. At least that’s what we have to keep telling ourselves every time something falls apart. Every time we get disappointed or heart broken again. We have to keep going.

And you and I are no different.

I cared too much and you cared too little. Maybe the timing was wrong. Maybe you had too much baggage, or I couldn’t let go of the past. But whatever the reason, I just wanted to honest with you now.

We both know that it wasn’t supposed to end like this. Without any clarity. Without anything left to fight for. I deserved more than that and so did you.

It wasn’t supposed to all come crashing down. We were supposed to better than falling apart. Than breaking each other’s hearts and walking away like nothing happened.

We shared and we laughed and we loved. I took everything you gave me in full and you did the same. We were good to each other once. But now, all that feels really far away.

I just wanted to let you know that no matter what you say, no matter how much you try and defend the breakdown, I know that you still care. I know that some nights, when I’m thinking of you, you’re doing the same.

And I want you to know that there are moments when I think about how it all ended, and all I want to do is go back.

But it doesn’t work like that. You can’t change things just because hindsight is fifty fifty.

Just know that I think we could have given the world to one another. I believe that even though we’re nothing now, we could have been something great.

Even though I keep fumbling for the right words, just know that though it’s over and we’re gone, it should have ended better than this.