‘We Don’t Do Donald Trump In This House’ Mother Throws Out Young Son For Voting For Trump At School



This video of a mother seemingly banishing her son to the streets for the fleeting sin of voting for Donald Trump in a meaningless school election just went up today.

It features:

  • A mother so consumed with rage that she scars her children for life.
  • A homemade sign for the boy to hold while he stands on the street with his suitcase enumerating his sins like a scarlet A or a yellow star.
  • Two smaller children scared to death that they will never see their brother again.
  • An incident that a mother will regret for the rest of her life and which will cause her to wake up crying with regret even decades later.
  • An event, for a young child, that is akin to a mock execution, a practice banned by the Geneva Conventions.

Or, it’s fake. Tons of stuff is fake right now but this doesn’t look fake to me although I pray it is.

Dear America, your children are not supposed to be politically aware prior to their teen years. Stop abusing them with your anxieties and then sharing your abuse with the world on Facebook, etc.