We Existed


You can say those goodbye words

Close the door behind me

Chance the curtains

Move the chairs

Choose a new perfume

And get a new girlfriend


You can break up with me

Divorce me

Erase my name from your home address

Delete the gigabytes of photos

And change my choice of colors

Of the painted walls

In that home of yours


You can block me from social media

Unsubscribe me from your blog’s newsletter

And cancel all our common bank accounts


But you can’t make me vanish

As long as I am breathing under the same sky

You can’t make me disappear

As long as my hometown shall be the same as yours

You can’t pretend I never existed

As long as our common friends exist


WE existed

No matter how much you’d pretend we have not

And having that segment of life behind

We should lean forward

Lean forward

towards something that’s gonna make us happy