We Finally Found A White Cat-Caller


Today, Jezebel ran a story about a woman that’s going around with a camera confronting catcallers; explaining to them why it’s inappropriate to comment on a woman’s appearance in public and shaming them for doing so. A noble cause, I’d say. She even has little business cards printed up with a link to a website that men can visit to learn more about street harassment.

In the video they featured, our hero is seen confronting a white man in a button down (the patriarchy incarnate!!! We found him!) After he inaudibly comments to his friend that, “Minneapolis women are hot,” she turns the camera on him, and things get real.


The man is quickly discomforted and attempts to equivocate and dismiss his statements. He seems baffled that she would be offended by the things that he said. She rightfully schools him and he promises he’ll check out the website and get more information.

Take that white man!

Naturally, I was intrigued. I love watching videos of white men getting owned. I wanted more, so I went to her Youtube page, where I quickly noticed that every other video she’s posted features her scolding a minority. What the fuck?

If you watch the videos, while much more entertaining and much more offensive than the white man video, you’re left with a feeling of uneasiness. I wanted to see white men get schooled. I can’t enjoy a video of a man of color being owned, because it’s racist. It’s almost a shame that these men are black, because I can’t fully appreciate how much worse they are than the guy in the button down. Just watch.

In this video; her harasser calls her a bitch because “bitch means sexy”:


In this video, a man named Jared says that women who do not want to look attractive to men “shouldn’t be born.” He says that women who don’t appreciate cat-calling shouldn’t exist. Women were put on earth to satisfy men.


Now, at this point I want to make it clear. I don’t want to make it seem like I think that black men harass women more often than white men do. Obviously the problem is spread out evenly across all men (with a high probability that white men do it more). Unfortunately, there’s not a single study on catcalling that I can find that includes the race of the catcaller. I think it’s safe to assume they don’t include that kind of data because we all know white men do it more often and we don’t need science to prove it.

But, why is it that the vast majority of this woman’s harassers are men of color? I think this guy nails it when he calls her out for exclusively targeting black men. She says she isn’t, but a quick look at her account makes it obvious that she’s doing exactly that:


And the icing on the fucking cake. This guy is my goddamn favorite person in the entire world. Before she can go into her rehearsed spiel about safe spaces and agency, this guy (who I call Trashcan Willy) starts freestyling about her body and completely ignores anything else she has to say. Long live Trashcan Willy, you show that white bitch who the real victim is:


Long live Trashcan Willy. And fuck Jezebel for giving a platform to this racist ass woman that’s unfairly targeting minority men.