We Have Footage Of Something Flying Above Our Village At Night But The World Wants To Prove Us Wrong


A few years ago, news agencies were going crazy over some strange events that happened in my family’s native country involving a strange woman, or creature roaming the skies. I happened to be visiting when the whole flying humanoid phenomena was captured on video and shown internationally. I was visiting relatives and was staying for a few months when it all happened. A strange humanoid creature was seen flying over our valley while camouflaging its color. I wouldn’t have believed it either if it weren’t for the fact that I was one of the lucky few to witness the event.

After it was shown to the world, we had many foreigners come in and attempt to debunk the footage.

I tried to stay away from all of it. There was a sudden influx of tourists who would come and play investigators. The locals wanted nothing to do with the investigation or any of the curious people who were practically begging to have an encounter. My grandmother was terrified. She would tell me stories about how for years they’d find strange items appearing in front of houses covered in animal blood. She’d tell me about how children would often disappear and about glowing lights in the mountains that would shine for hours.

I didn’t know what to make out of all of it. It was difficult for me, in the beginning, to understand what my eyes were seeing after that encounter. Yet, being from a more modern country, I naturally leaned towards skepticism of all things paranormal. Nothing happened when the investigators came and some even claimed to have debunked what we all saw. After a few weeks, people started leaving. The locals were terrified. They felt as if they had done something wrong in sharing with the world what they saw that day. The villagers were all convinced they had accidentally angered whatever it was that roamed the valley.

The locals were pretty good at not staying out late at night. No one wanted to be out walking the dark streets and risk their safety. I was staying with my grandmother and two aunts for a couple of months. Both my aunts had left for a church retreat for the weekend and wouldn’t return until Monday. That night, my grandmother began feeling sick and within a couple of hours wasn’t responding well. I didn’t know what to do and decided to visit the local doctor in hopes that he could come and help my grandmother. As I was putting on my jacket, my grandmother began begging me not to leave. I honestly didn’t want to leave, not because of the strange thing that had been flying in the air recently but because of thieves, drunks, or crazy people on the streets.

She begged and begged for me to stay, repeating over and over that it would take me. She coughed up blood all over the floor and cried when I left her. I sprinted towards the doctor’s home. My aunts had taken the only car in the house, making the trip twice as long. Our neighbors didn’t own a car and weren’t home. The streets were dark, and the night was unusually quiet. I felt goosebumps as I ran up a nearby street and felt the cold wind on my face.

The silence of the night was killing me. I wanted to hear something, anything, that could ground me back to normal. I stopped to catch my breath, sweat droplets fell down my face, I could feel my legs wanting to give out. As I was taking a couple deep breaths of air my peripheral vision caught sight of something. My chest tightened, I remember taking a couple steps back and slowly looking up a tree. A sharp hiss came from the ruffling of the leaves before moving to another tree top. A large black lump slowly fell alongside the tree. With every roll it took it left behind a sticky black tar-like substance. I could feel my nails digging into my skin, my hands were curled up into a fist and my sweat felt cold. In front of me stood a female of some sort, she didn’t have many distinguishable features that would identify her as a woman but I knew she was. She was covered in the tar-like substance, it dripped in front of her face making it hard to see most facial features. However, even then I managed to see her eyes, darker than whatever substance she was covered in, her eyes were large oval and sunk in. She had talons that were long enough to hit the floor and feathers on parts of her body that moved as she limped behind a tree.

I felt myself freed from the frozen state I was in the moment she went behind the tree and disappeared. It was as if my feet remembered how to run again because I sprinted past that tree within seconds. I could feel myself on the verge of a panic attack when I heard the swift movement of something passing next to me. I didn’t turn to look. I knew that if I saw whatever was chasing me up close, I’d pass out and probably be traumatized for the rest of my life. Up ahead, I could see a faint street light. As I got closer it illuminated the entire block, it was the doctor’s house. The movement next to me stopped abruptly as I kept running towards the house. I banged on the door and fell to the ground exhausted as I screamed loudly for them to let me in.

It only took a few moments for the doctor’s wife to open the door. One look at my face and she knew that something was wrong. I was about to step foot into the house when I heard the cracking of a tree branch. I didn’t want to look, I didn’t mean to, and thank god I didn’t when it was up close to me. From far away, the thing that had chased me was up on a tree looking at me. She was perched up on a branch and was standing tall with her claws stretched out. My ears began ringing loudly when the doctor grabbed my arm and yanked me through the door.

His wife started praying, I was on the floor and began having a major panic attack. My heart was racing. I was having trouble breathing when the doctor kneeled down to help me. When I was finally able to calm down, I didn’t need to explain to him what had happened. He looked at me with pity and sadness in his eyes before quietly saying “I know, I saw it too, I know.”

The doctor wouldn’t leave his house to help my grandmother and I didn’t blame him. Although I was scared to go outside, I was still concerned for my grandmother and feared that she would pass away that night, alone and scared. The doctor’s wife reassured me that we would leave as soon as the sun came up and that we would be no good to her dead if we walked out at night.

When the sun finally came up, we had some neighbors join us as we drove to my grandmother’s house. Thankfully, through some miracle, she was still alive. Sick, but alive. I don’t know what chased me that night, and I don’t think I’ll ever know. Since that year, there have been a few reports that claim to have encountered a creature like the one I saw. It’s strange what goes on there in the valleys and skies at night.