We Have That Once In A Lifetime Type Love


I never thought I would be one of those women who would have the chance to truly experience love. You know the romantic type of love; the good shit. 

And then there you were; mind and personality finely chiseled, as if you were molded perfectly for me.

Within minutes of meeting you, I realized that you were different. Within hours, I realized that you were strategically placed into my life, the universe did it and I was glad. I used to spend so much time fixated on the idea that there was someone out there that was for me and me only. It’s funny, because it’s like love captured me as soon as I stopped looking for it. 

I felt like I finally found a way to weather through the rain, you were holding out an umbrella so you could protect me from the storm. 

How amazing this connection we have together is, mind, body and soul. It’s cozy, exciting, and gives a sense of belonging. Like coming home to a warm blanket on a cold day.

You made me fall in love with myself completely, this fire you’ve seen in me, you’ve seen the worth in loving me. And in return you got access to my deepest secrets, my longing desires, and weakest vulnerabilities. In return, I got someone with an open heart.

I was completely high and everything in life seemed like it had intensified, moderation was almost impossible to us. 

Every spec of color held such a vibrancy. Every phone call, text message and picture message would gracefully carry me throughout my work day. 

Our nights spent inside, in dim light – completely quiet, staring into each other’s eyes became our deepest and most intimate conversations. Who knew how special that silence between breaths would be?

And in those moments before we fall asleep in each other’s arms; the stillness of the night finds the two of us and we both start smiling. We start smiling because we both know how meaningful the connections we made are, even the little ones, kissing foreheads, holding hands and having the ability to make each other smile; it carries the same gravity as our conversations do. 

Being with you feels delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Of course we argue and it isn’t perfect but I can’t imagine anyone else I would rather go the dynamics of love and relationships with.

It’s as intense as being struck by lightning, hit by a semi-truck, and kicked in the stomach at the same time. It’s because you’re everything I ever asked for, and I never thought you’d actually be someone I would find.