We Just Fell In Love With The Wrong People


There are several billion breathing human being on this planet and I ended up meeting you. There are millions of different places but we end up meeting in the same place. There are 24 hours a day but we ended up meeting at the exact hour, exact minute and exact second.

I can think countless of ways we could not see each other but we did.

All my life I have said to myself that love is easy. But then I met you. Love is not easy I conclude.

Love is easy at first, but it is like a snowball on an impeccable hill. First, it was light and small. But as it rolls down the hill it gets bigger and bigger, heavier until it stops or hit something.

Then it disappears.

I have a very cynical view of what love is.

It is because of you. We are not meant for each other. You love someone but I love you.

I know.

I know that you try to love me. But it’s not easy isn’t it?

Because of you, I learned that you cannot learn to love.

Forcing makes everything hard. It was painful I remembered. We were such a beautiful mess.

All my life I have been asking myself the questions of “What if”. I know it’s not good but that’s what love does to you, It turns your world upside down. Left becomes right and right becomes left.

What if I was late for a second?

It could be different. We could have been perfect for each other.

But as time goes by, I learned and moved on. I always believe that time will heal everything.

I was right.

For a moment I was under the impression that It can’t. The Intensity is too great for that one span of time. It feels like forever. But it’s not. I realized that my heart was beating the wrong pattern. Then little by little, it came back to its old way.

It is not being perfect or having it right. There is no such thing as perfect. It is an illusion. It is about the choices. The choice of us trying. Trying to be one.

But you choose him and I choose you. I was in love with you.

I was right. I was right for loving you because that’s what my heart tells me. You were also right because you were honest and pure with yourself.

We just both fall in love with the wrong people.