We Must Have Hope That There’s A Better Love


As you read this title, did your mind wander to that one person you still love? That person you might miss? I wonder, do you question if you should be with them or hope they might come back to you?

We all have that one person that makes our heart sink when we hear their names. If we see them in public, our skin feels like electric wire. When we think of love or see a cute couple out and about, our soul shrinks just a bit. We remember how we were burned badly once by someone who was supposed to be a forever.

I know what it is like to remember every memory so vividly. To wish I could feel it one more time. I understand that our negative memories fade over time, and that as more time occurs, missing them sets in. Our hearts crave it once again.

But I must ask you, when you think of them, is it when you are lonely? Are you thinking of them when you are the best, happiest version of yourself? Or do you think of them when life feels hard and you want that person for comfort?

Our bodies crave comfort. But if we settle into a place that feels comfortable for the sake of not being hurt, we never get to know who we would be without them. What if we find a love so strong that it makes the past look incredibly weak? What if we learn to love ourselves so much that we realize that being alone is actually a wonderful place to be? What if we heal and fall in love with our life?

I have to believe that we can feel a way, and we can also not let it define us. I have to understand that you can love someone more than anything, and you can still walk away. I have to trust that what is meant for me will be mine.

More than anything, I have to hope that if I let something go, maybe the best version of my life is to come.

Maybe it will all make sense.