We Need More Filmmakers Like Karl Cannone


Karl Cannone is an independent filmmaker from the French Riviera who nows lives in Los Angeles, California. Throughout his career, he has worked with Thought Catalog, The H Hub, Rise Brewing Company, Amazon Studios, Vistaprint, and a handful of other well-known, respectable companies.

Karl Cannone has a strong sense of creativity and commitment to his craft, which is what makes his content so engaging. You can check out his work by following his Instagram page, which he updates with his own photos and videos. He also posts behind the scenes shots of film sets and equipment, so you can see what it’s really like working as a filmmaker.


Karl started videography at a young age, around six-years-old. Before he had any equipment of his own, he used to borrow his mother’s digital cameras to film video clips. In an interview with The H Hub, he said, “As we travelled, my mom would want to take pictures, but I would often max out the camera’s card before she even had time to start taking her own pictures.”

When his parents noticed his love of videography, they bought him his first JVC camera and gave it to him as a Christmas gift. For years, he would make movies with his brother, cousins, and any other family members who agreed to play a part. With their help, he would create short films and recreate commercials — which was good practice for what he would be doing professionally years later.

Even when Karl Cannone was young, he realized how much work went into video production. He would try to make his videos look professional by attaching bottles to his tripod in order to make a steadicam and he would film while zoomed all the way from a distance to give an impression of depth of field. He would even create title cards out of pieces of paper and play music while he was filming and try to stop it right when cutting in order to make it look continuous.

All of his hard work has paid off, because now he is a professional videographer with the chance to work alongside extremely talented makeup artists, fashion models, and camera crews. Instead of putting together his own videos with family members, he now makes stunning videos on professional sets with immense production values.

Since he’s had the chance to work on so many amazing projects, it’s hard for him to pick one he prefers best, but some of his favorite videos include: Alexis Bittar (Brooks Brothers), Sothebys, Kohler, VDL, EDF, Carolee, and Trailers for Amazon. You can watch the video for Alexis Bittar below:



We need more filmmakers like Karl Cannone because he genuinely enjoys every single aspect of his craft, from conceptualization to collaboration. In his own words: “I enjoy creating creating new worlds and ambience even more on each project I work on. As I also almost always edit my own videos, I really get to oversee the projects I work on from their conceptualization to the final cuts. From the white pages of a script to the final colors of the edit, adding layers of story and style at every step of the way, collaborating with other creators and talents, really is my favorite part of filmmaking. “

If you’re interested in viewing more of Karl Cannone’s exceptional work, you can scroll through his official website where there are countless creative, innovative videos for companies like Rise Brewing Company and The H Hub.