We Need To Stop Judging People For The Things That Make Them Happy


Life can be a tough ride. I am sure that many of you have experienced the many ups and downs in your life. In our daily lives, we try doing many things just to find that ray of sunshine in our day. Everyone has that one thing in common, we all simply want to be happy. So, we should be able to understand the choices that people make in their quest for some joy in their lives.

We are often so critical of the way others live their lives and of the choices they make. I’m not referring to the type of criticism that prevents you from repeating a mistake or the kind that is actually helpful to you. I am talking about the kind that has no basis as constructive criticism. It is the kind of criticism that brings you down because you are criticized for being YOU. You are criticized because it is easier for some people to judge you rather than for them to try to understand and accept you for who you are.

We are only human, so of course every one of us wants to feel worthy. I seriously think that this is the reason why we criticize others and the choices that they make—so that we can feel more worthy and more successful than everyone else. Some people understand that in order to be successful, they have to strive and work for it. Then there are some who believe that their success is achieved by putting others down and judging their every choice. In their minds, they assert their success and stature in life when they are openly critical of other people.

From my experience, judgment and criticism of another person is most often borne out of feelings of inferiority and jealousy. I must be honest, I have been guilty of unnecessarily criticising people. On a few of these occasions, when I became aware of what I was doing, I backtracked and tried to get to the source of this unhealthy behavior. It always boiled down to feelings of jealousy and even some ignorance.

So, I witness you doing things that bring you your little slice of happiness. You could, for example, be enjoying your PB&J toast or you may be immersed in your Harry Potter or GoT fandoms, and of course, because I don’t understand why those things bring you so much joy, I need to destroy it by being judgemental about your eccentric choices. This behavior is so tragic and unfortunately very common.

It is important to realize that this kind of behavior is a reflection of your innermost insecurities and lack of self-fulfillment. I don’t think that anyone feels genuinely happy when they are judging or criticizing another person. You may not have thought about it as deeply, but if you reflect on it, I am certain that there is no happiness there. There is just an intent to destroy the chance of joy that the other person may be feeling.

I have learned that by frequently judging and criticizing others, you are actually destroying your own path toward happiness. Like I said, we are only human, and it may be a tall ask to completely eliminate the act of judging people. But just try this once. When you are on the verge of criticizing someone, try to dig deep and understand why you are choosing to act this way. Is it because you are jealous, because you can’t understand their unique choices, or simply because you do not want to see that person happy? Then try to work towards shifting your thoughts from being judgmental to feelings of acceptance of the other person’s actions or choices. I promise you that there will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

It is so important to understand and accept that each and every one of us is unique. We each have our own little vices that bring us joy. I may not understand your choices and you may not understand mine, but the one thing that we both understand is that all we strive to find happiness in whatever way, shape, or form. So why not let this mutual quest in the attainment of happiness encourage acceptance and feelings of well wishes towards one another.

I believe that when you get to that place where you truly love and honor yourself, then there will be no hesitation in choosing to support and encourage people instead of judging and criticizing them. Remember that truly happy people focus their energy on uplifting others, because that is what brings them joy.

I hope this helps you move forward toward living a life filled with compassion, kindness, acceptance, and good vibes. Let your actions be a reflection of your intention to bring joy to the world.