We Need You To Wake Up And Be You


We need you. We need you to wake up, every day, choosing to be yourself. We have a world in front of us constantly showing us who we could be, especially though the screen in our hands. Subconsciously, we try on what we see like clothing and dress our thoughts – “I’ll look like her today. I’ll act like him today.” When really, we desperately need you to show up as you…wholly you.

What we aren’t told is that the world is waiting for us. Just us, and nothing else. It’s starving for our own ideas, our originality, and what we have to offer. Despite what others say and what seeps into our subconscious, it’s true – we are mold-breakers and game-changers. We have more to offer from the depths of who we really are rather than who we project ourselves to be.

The screens that we hold aren’t mirrors; it isn’t showing us who we really are, instead, it’s feeding us an image of what we should be. Take your mind, sit with it and say, “I am already enough. I see what I could choose to be, but I will show up as myself.” The world needs more people like you who will wake up and clothe yourself as your own.

You will always be enough, despite how hard it may be to choose this every day. You choose it, because you will start to become more of yourself. Maybe you won’t feel it right away, and that’s okay. Trust that the process is leading you back to yourself. The desire to become something should be directed at the best possible option: you. You were created for this – it’s all by plan and design.

We need you. We need you to wake up, every day, choosing to be yourself. In that, the world itself will change into exactly what it needs to be. And if no one has told you today: you are loved, just as you are.