We Tried David Chang’s New Fried Chicken Sandwich And It Was Awesome


Thought Catalog got their hands on David Chang’s new creation: Fuku’s chicken sandwich.

Our staff stood patiently in line as Fuku’s staff members meticulously took care of people. Fuku staff members came outside and handed out bottles of water as the hot New York City sun glared down at everyone lined up on the sidewalk. There were runners handing out food to keep the line moving. Talk about efficient!

Back at the office, we were treated with a gigantic slab of chicken on a small bun. The chicken? Think moist. Think juicy. Think amazing. Here are some photos.

We also got some fries. There was a gochujang dip to go with it (Momofuku’s signature ssam sauce). If you want to try your own, head down to 163 First Avenue today.

Check out Tweets about Fuku and the new chicken sandwich here:




Now it’s time to lie down.