We Were A Series Of ‘Almosts,’ But What We Had Was Real


It all started into a teeny tiny little crush that continued for years. I fell for you, yes, I fell for you so hard, and it’s already too hard to get back up. I’m already stuck on you. You did made me feel that the feeling is mutual. We started texting all the time, we even already said our “I love you’s” but then again, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to put a label on the relationship.

The ending went too harsh for me, you found a girl and you labeled her yours. Then I realized, saying I love you is far more different from meaning it. Being labeled is indeed important. False hopes are lurking right into the corners of your heart, always finding its way towards your very core. Little do you know you are already on the edge of your own destruction.

I fell in love again, and the scenario is familiar, too familiar that even in the happy moments I’m on the verge of crying for fear that the past would once again repeat. I am in a loop, an emotional loop where I am not being labeled. I am in a loop where my presence is just enjoyed and my feelings being crumpled down. I am in a “one sided could have been’s” and it’s terrifying.

Cliché as it may seem, but this is reality. Labels, is it really important? Do I really deserve that? Does it really matter? In fact, Yes! Knowing your role in someone else’s life does matter. When you invest a feeling towards someone you really deserve to be acknowledge. If you are important to another person’s life it is important to be labeled for you to know where to stand.