Web War I: 4chan Goes Down in War Against Tumblr


As of 5:34 PM EST, 4chan is down, and we can only assume this is the first major disaster in Web War I (WWI) – a war 4 chan’s anarchic /b/ messageboard declared on the microblogging/sharing platform Tumblr early last week.

You’d really expect Tumblr to be down, rather than 4chan. Just 30 minutes before 4chan went down, /b/ (supposedly) launched the final phase of its battle with Tumblr.

The fact that 4chan has gone down so early in WWI is surely going to frustrate Anon’s efforts at /b/ in regrouping and devising some kind of retaliation plan. Further, the inability to gather and strategize on /b/ could lead to drastic consequences tomorrow, when Tumblr plans to launch its first assault on what very well be could be a weakened and completely unprepared 4chan.

Very surprised to see 4chan go down this early in the game. At this point information on 4chan’s fall is sparse, and we can only hope to learn the truth after the smoke has cleared.

WWI is shaping up to be an exciting and surreal event. Who knows what will remain of the internet in the aftermath? Only time will tell, and we can all only pray that deaths and casualties remain at a minimum. Our hearts and prayers go out to all involved.

*Update* 4chan is back up, and the mood seems resigned and deflated (6:35 p.m. EST).

*Update 2* 4chan is down again. Tumblr remains up and running with quick load times (6:40 p.m. EST).

*Update 3* 4chan has been restored. (7:00 p.m. EST)

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