Weigh My Soul, Not My Body


Weigh my personality.

Pay attention, to the way I speak, the way I treat people. Try making your eyes meet mine, not wandering off to the rest of my body.

Weigh my talents.

My talents are not bonded with the size of my body. I may be fat or I may be thin, but try looking within.

Weigh my love towards you, my friends, and my family.

My love for people comes from my heart. If you really think that size matters then, measure the size of my heart, not my body.

Weigh the hard work I put in to achieve my goals.

Weigh the blood and sweat I shed to create goals, and then destroy them with my success.

Weigh the pain I go through every time you judge me based on my body.

The amount of tears shed, the times I told myself I am not good enough, weigh them all.

Weigh my strength and ability to tolerate you and this materialistic world.

All those times that I had to pick myself up and tell myself that I am beautiful and my body is nothing but a host, my soul is the real deal.

Weigh my educational qualifications.

A few pieces of paper that had me working since I was a child. Hoping that people would look up to me because of the knowledge I possess, but didn’t know that my body would scar you so badly that you would be blind too not notice how educated I am.

If you can weigh my body, then you can weigh all of these things. My body is just a host to my soul, a corpse without it.

Therefore, weigh my soul, not my body.